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Manners Award
February 18, 2019


Regional Research Registry

RegistryUCSUR’s Survey Research Program (SRP) has developed and actively maintains a local IRB-approved (PRO11060616) research registry currently containing approximately 7,000 regional residents with detailed socio-demographic and contact information who are willing to take part in research studies.  Participants are continually recruited from local population-based telephone surveys conducted by UCSUR.  This demographically diverse registry can be used in collaboration with SRP to cost-effectively recruit local participants for externally funded research projects, including repeated panel surveys.  Contact Scott Beach to learn more about this resource.  The registry contains:​

Detailed contact information, including:

  • name

  • full address (for geo-specific targeting)

  • telephone number(s)

  • e-mail address (if available).​

Socio-demographic profile, including:

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Race

  • Education level

  • Household income

  • Employment status

  • Marital status

  • Household composition (with gender and age of all household members)​

The registry is continually updated and refreshed with new members recruited from ongoing studies.  SRP also maintains regular contact (i.e., at least once per year) with members to assure that contact and demographic information is current.

Researchers can contract with SRP to gain access to registry participants for larger study recruitment or primary survey data collection.  The IRB protocol is structured such that only UCSUR personnel can directly contact registry participants.  No direct access is provided to external researchers.  The registry has been used to successfully and cost-effectively recruit for two UCSUR-initiated and four externally funded research projects in the past year.

Research Registry

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