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2012 PNCIS Users' Conference Presentations

Posted on Monday, June 11, 2012 at 04:00 pm ET

On Friday June 8th, the third-annual Users' Conference of the Pittsburgh Neighborhood and Community Information System (PNCIS) was held. At the event, over 100 people interested in how data can be used to further their work in community development came together to learn from each other and a variety of speakers.

The keynote speaker was Chris Walker, Director of Research and Assessment at the Local Initiatives Support Corporation. He discussed how data is used to monitor community trends in 25 cities as part of the Building Sustainable Communities Program.

Additional speakers included Sarah Stroney, who discussed how data was being used to identify and manage vacant property in East McKeesport; Dr. Waverly Duck, who gave examples of how his students have used data in their Sociology courses at the University of Pittsburgh; and Lauren Byrne and James Eash, who talked about how a new resident survey is informing planning in Lawrenceville. UCSUR's Sabina Deitrick also shared results of the 2011 Pittsburgh Regional Quality of Life Survey.

Our speakers (from left to right): James Eash, Lauren Byrne, Sarah Stroney, Dr. Waverly Duck, and Chris Walker

Special thanks again to our sponsors PPND and UCSUR.


Chris Walker: "Advancing Community Development Performance Measurement"
* UCSUR Radio Audio Blog
* Mp3 File

Sarah Stroney: "Vacant Properties Inventory"
* UCSUR Radio Audio Blog
* Mp3 File

Waverly Duck: "PNCIS in the Classroom"
* UCSUR Radio Audio Blog
* Mp3 File

Lauren Byrne and James Eash: "Lawrenceville New Resident Survey"
* UCSUR Radio Audio Blog
* Mp3 File

Sabina Deitrick: "2011 Pittsburgh Regional Quality of Life Survey: Overview of Methods & Quality of Life Indicators"
* UCSUR Radio Audio Blog
* Mp3 File

Previous PNCIS conference presentations can be found here...


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