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Survey Survey Research Program (SRP)
Survey Data Collection, Sample & Questionnaire Design, Data Processing, & Statistical Analysis

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated system where a recorded voice administers survey questions / scripts and detects voice and keypad inputs from a home phone or cell phone.  Privacy is enhanced by switching to IVR from a live interviewer for the administration of sensitive questions.  IVR is also ideal for ecological momentary assessment (EMA).

The Survey Research Program utilizes an IVR solution partially hosted by PlumVoice, an automated telephony solutions company.  PlumVoice provides hosting for VoiceXML applications via secure and redundant data centers.

SRP combines the PlumVoice hosting services with in-house created, securely staged, and database-backed VoiceXML applications.  We believe that backing our VoiceXML applications with our own database servers gives us an edge over solely vendor-provided solutions.  We can offer a level of data integration unmatched by most vendors.

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