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Survey Survey Research Program (SRP)
Survey Data Collection, Sample & Questionnaire Design, Data Processing, & Statistical Analysis

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We provide expert service in traditonal methods of data collection.  In addition, we can leverage new survey technologies for the collection of sensitive data.

Our data collection methods include:

  • CATI:  Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing
  • IVR:  Interactive Voice Response
  • CAPI:  Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing
  • CASI:  Computer-Assisted Self Interviewing
  • A-CASI:  Audio Computer-Assisted Self Interviewing
  • Web:  Web-based data collection
  • Paper:  Traditional paper-based data collection
  • Mixed Mode:  We have the ability to execute mixed mode surveys through our integrated internal systems.

Additional data collection services:

  • Telephone surveys using pen / pencil methodology
  • Mail surveys
  • In-person surveys in Southwestern Pennsylvania region
  • Foreign language interviews:  We have conducted Spanish, French, and Chinese interviews and can accommodate a variety of languages through our liaisons with various University schools and departments.

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