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Generations Together Generations Together

For 25 years, Generations Together (GT) was an intergenerational program within the University Center for Social and Urban Research (UCSUR) at the University of Pittsburgh that offered the following services locally, nationally and internationally.  It developed and supervised intergenerational programs, provided training for professional staff and volunteers, and created and published materials for program development and maintenance.  More...

Program Evaluation Program Evaluation

We provide assistance in developing and designing evaluation plans, collecting and analyzing data, and writing evaluation reports.  Depending on the focus of the project, these services can be provided by the Survey Research, Qualitative Data Analysis, Urban & Regional Analysis, or Gerontology Programs.  More...

Acquisition & Management of Secondary Data Acquisition & Management of Secondary Data

As an affiliate of the Pennsylvania State Data Center, the official source of demographic and economic data for the state, UCSUR is a repository for electronic and printed Census information, including Census data.  UCSUR also acquires and maintains a variety of government statistics, economic and labor market data, and other types of secondary information on a regular basis.  This information is available to the academic community and to the general public.  More...

Journal Management Journal Management

For select journals we provide journal management support services.  We help maintain correspondence with manuscript authors, journal subscribers, researchers, and other interested parties.  In addition we provide process support for manuscript submission, peer review, copy-editing and journal publishing.  More...




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