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Scott Beach Appointed Associate Director

Posted on Monday, March 01, 2010 at 03:04 pm ET

Dear Research Community:

Please join me in congratulating Scott Beach on being appointed Associate Director of UCSUR. Scott has ably led the Survey Research Program for nearly a decade and has developed it into a cutting research facility that has greatly enhanced the status of UCSUR locally and nationally. He has also managed to develop several of his own research areas, published numerous influential scholarly papers, and has generated considerable external funding for the Center.

Scott will continue to serve as Director of the Survey Research Program. In addition, he will assist the Center Director in the day to day administration of the Center, work with other program directors of the Center to maximize synergies among programs and University faculty and provide guidance to program directors as needed or requested, help revise and implement Center performance standards and monitor adherence to these standards, meet with faculty and representatives of potential funding agencies to discuss research interests and opportunities relevant to the Center, make recommendations to the Director about the day to day operations of the Center and ways in which they might be improved, monitor and review Center budgets, and participate in budget planning for the Center.

Scott is a talented scientist and able administrator. I'm delighted to have him serve in this role.

Richard Schulz, PhD
UCSUR Director


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