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  • Pittsburgh Economic Quarterly (PEQ) - September 2014
    · The State of Aging in Allegheny County
    · Residential Segregation and Changes within
      Allegheny County, 1970-2010
    · Students Working on Urban and Regional
      Analysis Projects, 2014-15
    · UCSUR Welcomes Visiting Scholar Noam Shoval
  • Wednesday, October 29th Noon-1:30pm, 3911 Posvar Hall
    UCSUR Brownbag:  Ann Markusen, Ph.D.
    "Creative Cities:  The Future of Research in Urban Arts and Culture"
    Professor Emerita and Director, Arts Economy Initiative, Project on Regional and Industrial Economies, Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN. Register here..
  • Mon Valley Entrepreneur, a new UCSUR-sponsored initiative
    "Advancing Entrepreneurship in the Mon Valley Region"
    This program provides entrepreneurial, educational, and consulting services to new, emerging and existing entrepreneurs in the Mon Valley.  With program support and individualized consulting, new entrepreneurs and existing business owners can increase sales, expand their markets and create new jobs.
  • Wednesday, August 6, 2014 - The Atlantic, City Lab
    When ´Right-Sizing´ Vacant Properties Goes Wrong
    In Clarksburg, West Virginia, a seemingly successful move to demolish disused buildings and free up land has landlords crying foul.

    "There are lessons here for Detroit and any other city that finds itself with an abundance of blight.  You need to look at vacant property as part of a big picture.  There´s prevention, reuse, reclaiming, and redevelopment. So tearing them down, that´s supposed to be a final option."
  • Friday, June 13, 2014 - Urban & Regional Brown Bag, Recap
    "Information Systems for Land Banking"
    Mike Schramm is the Director of Information Technology and Research at the Cuyahoga Land Bank and a Research Associate at the Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development in the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences at Case Western Reserver University in Cleveland.
  • Friday, June 6, 2014 - PNCIS Users´ Conference, Recap
    Featured Speaker:  Featuring Seema Iyer

    Seema Iyer, Associate Director of the Jacob France Institute´s Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance at the University of Baltimore joined us to discuss how community data and indicators have been used by nonprofit organizations, government agencies, neighborhood organizations, foundations, businesses, and universities to support and strengthen the principle and practice of well informed decision making in Baltimore´s neighborhoods.

  • Tuesday, April 22, 2014 - Lancaster Online
    Western Pa. population growth hinges on immigrants

    "Right now, international immigration is much bigger than domestic migration. How that will forecast out to the future will depend on how the economy goes." Read more...

  • Tuesday, January 14, 2014 - Pittsburgh Open Data
    "Pittsburgh councilwoman Rudiak introduces open data bill"

    "Robert Gradeck operates the Pittsburgh Neighborhood & Community Information System out of Pitt. The PNCIS is a massive database of in-depth property information that he has assembled through special arrangements with the city. The Open Data Ordinance, he said, could mean the tech community could vastly expand on the work of PNCIS. 'We´ll be able to focus on using the data with more folks, and we don´t have to be the only ones who can build the tools,' he said, 'and we can partner with more folks.'"
  • 2013 Pittsburgh Regional Environmental Survey
    Pittsburgh TODAY:  Aside from lending greater knowledge of our residents´ actions, understanding, and views regarding the environment, we hope that the information in this survey contributes to more-informed dialogue and decision-making regarding the region´s future.

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