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Graduate Certificate Program

Certificate The University of Pittsburgh Council on Aging has collaborated to create a Graduate Certificate in Gerontology.  The program is designed to serve professionals in diverse disciplines, in a variety of industries, who are interested in acquiring basic knowledge about gerontology and geriatrics, and specialized knowledge of aging and aging processes in their particular disciplines or occupations.

On-Line Gerontology Certificate
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Traditional Gerontology Certificate
Dot Graduate Level Coursework, 15-16 credits
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To learn more contact Jennifer Bissell.

You can pursue a certificate to gain credentials and skills in a specific area of study.  You can enroll solely in a certificate program or pursue a certificate along with a degree program.  You can often apply credits you earn for the certificate toward a degree program.

Stay competitive in your field with specialized knowledge of aging and the aging process.  Adapt your delivery of services, programs, or products with in-depth knowledge of the biological, psychological, and sociological aspects of an aging population as well as specialized knowledge in the discipline of your choice.  Choose a specialization track in Dentistry, Law, Mental Health, Nursing, Occupational Therapy/ Rehabilitation, Public Health, Social Work, Gerontechnology or one of the multidisciplinary tracks (i.e., General; Prevention and Healthy Aging).

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